Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Pantone is Releasing its Color of the Year this Thursday and I Predict its Green!

Pantone is Releasing its Color of the Year this Thursday and I Predict its Green!

Gosh, how can I go into such a long slumber that I forget to write in my blog! This is not right and I promise to be more regular this coming year.

So Pantone is releasing its Color of the Year 2017 on the 8th Dec and I promise you it will be a Green! ( Remember today is 6th Dec)

No I'm not an insider and no I don't do Tarot, I just know it as a Design 'Expert' ( if I may humbly call myself one having worked by backside off for 15 years in this industry) that if we want to - 

                      Do Green, 
                      Go Green, 
                      Be Green, 
                      Be-seen-in Green 
this is your year and coming many years. 

What Pantone number would it be is a bit hard for me to predict;  but my favourite is 369 U. 

Ohh 369 U - A color that you can feel the crunch and taste the freshness. In a hyper-connected, information-laden, mashed up world - that's the color you want inside on your walls to calm you down, to give you the serenity you have been searching for in the Himalayan Spas and the Forest Retreats. 

Image borrowed from Color Palette
This is the Palette that Im talking about - its not for the faint hearted but can liven up any space, just dare to bring the outdoors-indoors.
I'm reminded of Verner Pantone's 1969 interiors for the Spiegel Publishing house in Hamburg.

Verner Panton 1960

Its a bit too green..but is there something called - too green ever ? Home Interiors wise we might settle for something like this below

Courtney : Pinterest

Also Pantone wise, it speaks to its previous colors - Rose Quartz and Serenity so well.

Now I rest my case...but would be happy to hear if you have any views on this..or anything else as for the matter..till it is Green ;)