Friday, June 26, 2015

Flavour of the year

Food books, cookery shows, food festivals, food magazines….they are the new 'trendsetters'. Since the past few years, we have finally realized how important it is to take it slow, to breathe, to relive old memories, making the food a star trend. To eat is no longer to gobble away food in 30 minutes, to eat is to relive memories, to taste, to smell, to see and to enjoy....enjoy life's fleeting moments with family and friends.
I chanced across this wonderful magazine called Chickpea.
What a visual feast this magazine is. Its a free food magazine scribbled with a wonderful warm font and the food pictures are to die for! I'm off to the farmers market….

*All images are copyright chickpea

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Herbs in my garden for Minted

Inspired by herbs thyme, lavender, dill, parsley I made this fabric 'Herbs in my garden' for Minted. Now 4 months and 10 sales later I know its being very appreciated. Would love to know how everyone is using it. I would love to use this fabric for cushions on my garden furniture.