Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Won the Red Dot Product Design 2015 and the Golden A design award for Pebble Bagasse!

Its an amazing feeling when someone recognizes your work and likes what you do.  
''You like my work, reallyyy?…you do?'' 

But its whole path to self-discovery when the appreciation comes just not in words but in the most recognized and respected product design award!  
Its a first for me and I am over the moon..I won the the Red Dot design Award 2015 and the Golden A design Award 2015 for my product - Pebble Bagasse plate and bowl designed for Duni

I can't believe it that Im sharing the space with design idols whom I have admired from companies like   Volvo XC90, Sennheiser, Kia motors, Blackberry Passport,Intra Mölntorp AB Design…

My interview about Pebble Bagasse you can read here

Pebble Bagasse for Duni AB

Pebble Bagasse for Duni AB

Pebble bagasse designed by Simi Gauba for Duni