Monday, March 31, 2014

Rugs at SimiDesign Society 6 shop

Hello Monday!

Hope everyone's had or are having a great start to the week
New product added to the simidesign shop at Society 6-Rugs
Starting at an affordable 28$/190Sek they are 100% worn polyester, soft and highly durable!

* All designs are copyright SimiDesign

Sunday, March 30, 2014

'….you ate my sandwich...MYYYY SANDWICH %&#!!''

I am sure many of us remember this line from 'Friends' when someone steals Ross's sandwich at work. 
Only if Ross had these Anti-theft lunch bags. They are genius and I love them.
Designed by the, they have green splotches to simulate moss---just what your lunch-snatching theif needs to see

Monday, March 17, 2014

French Girls - Great Portrait App!

One of the best drawing apps that I have come across of late is French Girls! Hang on..don't stop reading..the name is simply taken from the movie Titanic - ''draw me like one of your french girls'' 

You can crowdsource portraits of yourself. Its simple--upload your photos, and people draw it--and yes it sometimes could be the worst portrait you have seen of yourself ;). To join the game it asks its users to create the content.So if you make your best friend look like a clown--beware! The best part of the app is, that it builds an artistic community without being brash or boastful like Facebook or twitter. 

Sunday, March 2, 2014

12 Designers from all over the world for 2014

March is here and its time again for the FREE downloadable calendar for 2014

We are a group of 12 international designers brought together by the fabulous designer Maria Jose' or simply Majo BV who lives in Italy. Take a look at Majo's work and her blog.

Last month's, February calendar, was by the talented Emma Hawman,

This month is my design is called Floral Sprigs inspired with from the first blooms of the season

You can download the calendar for any device
widescreen 1 // widescreen 2 // fullscreen 1- iPad landscape // iPad vertical // fullscreen 2
iPhone3 - iPhone4 // iPhone5 // Samsung Galaxy

We also have some printable planners for the month designed by Lindsay Buck. Hop over to Majo's Blog over here and get your's now!

Have a wonderful week ahead!