Thursday, November 28, 2013

Ambiente Trends 2014

Ambiente just released the new trends for the year 2014 and top of that list is 

Stunning Temper

An imaginative, whimsical, cheerful palette. Monochromes with a mix of imaginative patterns lend a surreal appeal to the surroundings

Subtle Spirit

This theme is more about craftsmanship and harmony. Lights and accessories lend an Asian touch to the theme

Serene Nature

Serene Nature celebrates the magic of the pristine. Natural materials and a smooth transition between the indoor and the outdoors*

*You might recollect that I had spotted this trend emerging last year when I had written about how the outdoors are the new indoors. Check out the old post right here

Striking mind

Striking mind is all about clearcut lines, strong graphics, 3 dimensional shapes and a play of strong monochromes

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Where India met Sweden...

When I'm walking the streets and looking for something fantastic to catch my eye or to inspire me, I know of place that never fails me--Gudrun Sjöden. She has stores all over the world but the one I lurk around is at Lilla Torg here in Malmö. The colours dance through her shop windows and the patterns are mesmerising.
I can see where India met Sweden long time ago...

*All images are copyright Gudrun Sjöden

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Before Pantone..

So while I was designing in India some 12 years back, access to pantone was limited to only a few. Only those 'few' who could afford the fancy book of colours. But then what did we use back then--
The magical yarn book called the Neelam Thread Card
Last month when I was in India I picked one of these and gosh do I love it more than Pantone..