Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Its 2016 - The year of Passion

Hello and Wishing you all a wonderful 2016!

I have been on vacation/partial-work mode since the past two months. I so needed this break to rejuvenate myself with friends and family and to dig deeper into what I really want from the coming years. Sometimes we just get caught up in the drill of the day and don't get time to focus on the bigger picture.
My bigger picture in future will include a lot of time with the people I love. As I near 40, I have felt the strong need to cut-the-bullshit and just go for it. If you want a break - Take it! If you want to paint - don't think of a day to start, just order some brushes and paint. I had packed an year of activities in these 2 months and guess what, I managed to do all of them. Its our inhibitions that slow us down, not our will. You can pack what you want to in life, just don't give yourself the excuse you can't, as the list is too long or impossible or unachievable as nothing is. If you want it enough, you will find a way to get it.

With that thought and motivation I wish you all success and love xx

Saturday, September 12, 2015

The Thank You Cup at the Food&Lifestyle Organic Cafe in Malmö!

The best compliment a designer can get is to see her design being used with love!
I spotted The Thank you cup  that I have designed for Duni being used in a wonderful cafe in Malmö called the Food&Lifestyle Organic Cafe at Davidshall !

As you already know, The Thank You cup, is an ode' to all of YOU....the customer, who time and again chooses green!
You make that choice every time given an option..so this cup celebrates YOU!

Check out some pics from the cafe…next you want to have a coffee…you just know where to head ;)

* All pics are copyright the food&lifestyle ecological cafe

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Building your brand - Part I

Building a business, is a lot of work now that I have my own web shop, I understand the nuances quite well or I am trying to at least
I would be sharing my experiences in a series of posts, this being one of the first.

I am in the first leg of building something that is important to me and have a few words of wisdom to share.
A good idea is the key. An idea to sell something that is yours, something that you can build on orelse it would be called 'trading' and not building your own brand. A good idea steers you to make plans and build them. You can work a bit independently in the beginning as its your idea and you can build on it the best possible way

The next most important thing for me was also the choice of the right ingredients to make the product. A good product in good quality is always welcome in the market.

For example, in my case I was sure that I wanted to make 100% cotton cushion covers,

Cotton is grown in India and is a 100% natural fibre. It is grown on the deccan plateau in the south of India which is rich in black soil, the kind of soil that cotton needs to grow in.

Cotton yarn thistles
Cotton was originally spun by hand on hand looms but due to the rising demand now its spun on machine powered looms. The result is the same, beautiful, soft, natural cotton fabric which is the base material for all the cushion covers in my shop, www.simidesign.com

Cotton Yarn

Working in the machine looms factory getting fabric made

Part II of my post is about taking the ingredients and the key idea to a manufacturer who shares your values..look out for the next post soon. I better run and get some newsletters organized for your shop. If you would like to join our mailing list, please visit our webshop www.simidesign.com

Monday, August 10, 2015

Simi Design Web Shop - Launched!

Simi Design webshop is launched!!..yess!  I am screaming from the roof tops, literally. It took me three years; I even made a baby meantime; but its on now.
Take a look here and let me know what you think ?
There are some super vibrant Indian cushion covers and some colorful Indian posters designed by a woman very Indian at heart :)

Cycle Rickshaw

Cycle Rickshaw Pillow

The Great Indian Truck

Great Indian Truck Pillow

Thursday, August 6, 2015

My first foray into Professional Photography

Hello lovely people! Hope the summer has been treating you well. We have been fairly busy. Was away to Amsterdam and then a little shot break with the circus to Legoland in Denmark. All in all, its been fun. But this is not what this post is about..its about photography.
I bought my Canon EOS DSLR as a present for my dear my husband on his 40th and since then I have been using it to the hilt. Its just amazing hearing the sound of the shutter, click , click…and also the amazing pictures of family and friends.
Recently I started to use the camera to take some landscape pictures and I realized I really enjoyed Nature Photography. The result, 6 of my photographs have been selected by Minted US and are now on sale through my store front with them..

Take a look at the SimiDesign store for minted here

Whitewash Santorini

Green Palms

Ivory Blossoms

Mediterranean Greece

Como Lake

Friday, June 26, 2015

Flavour of the year

Food books, cookery shows, food festivals, food magazines….they are the new 'trendsetters'. Since the past few years, we have finally realized how important it is to take it slow, to breathe, to relive old memories, making the food a star trend. To eat is no longer to gobble away food in 30 minutes, to eat is to relive memories, to taste, to smell, to see and to enjoy....enjoy life's fleeting moments with family and friends.
I chanced across this wonderful magazine called Chickpea.
What a visual feast this magazine is. Its a free food magazine scribbled with a wonderful warm font and the food pictures are to die for! I'm off to the farmers market….

*All images are copyright chickpea

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Herbs in my garden for Minted

Inspired by herbs thyme, lavender, dill, parsley I made this fabric 'Herbs in my garden' for Minted. Now 4 months and 10 sales later I know its being very appreciated. Would love to know how everyone is using it. I would love to use this fabric for cushions on my garden furniture.